Hello, I'm Éline.

Here, we're among us, the lazy ones of vegan cooking! Through my recipes, I want to simplify your life for eating plant-based.

When I became vegan, I found that the available recipes were rarely tasty, often with unusual ingredients for dietary purposes. And I didn't really like that... so I decided to offer my version of plant-based cooking: delicious, simple, with everyday ingredients.

Today, you can find all styles on the internet, fortunately vegan cuisine is no longer associated with raw and gluten-free! And I still continue having fun creating my recipes to share them.

My journey

I was once a kid who didn't like to eat anything ;) My passion for cooking came from realizing that I could tame foods myself.

I studied culinary arts in France. Then it became my real job! In 2015, I discovered anti-speciesism, couldn't ignore the injustice of animal exploitation, and became vegan. I created this blog hand in hand with my husband, Kevin.

But to bring something interesting, I wanted to create recipes with simple ingredients, I don't really like reading a recipe in which I don't have half of the ingredients.

In 2017, we moved to Quebec, where I opened my little café-pâtisserie, Muscade. And in 2023, I sold it to dedicate myself solely to creation and publishing full-time.